VIDEO REVIEW: James Knight - Abandoned

Damn... This song really hits home. For anyone who has loved and lost love, the words and emotions in James Knight's new song "Abandoned" are very powerful! You could be in a large party full of women and still fill alone. It take so long to get over something like this and once you get over the pain in you stomach feeling lol, then you are left with nothing, but the memory. 

Whoever directed the video really pushed the envelope. It is straight out of a movie.. literally!!! On the mini-movie/music video, James uses the metaphor of surviving a zombie apocolyse to that of being "Abandoned" by his girl. The scenes, special effects, and performances are like no other!!!

MORE INFO:  James Knight is a hot up and coming star out if Philadelphia. Soon to take the whole world by storm. His video abandoned is a breath of fresh air in a urban market where these half rapping and singing guys are dominating the radio. James Knight brings forth good Ole fashion R&B Reminiscent to the greats of yester year. #JamesKnight