SONG REVIEW: TMoney - Just Woke Up

"I just woke up, rolled up another blunt"

TMoney educates us on how to properly wake 'n bake on new banger "Just Woke Up". "Just Woke Up" is a true smokers anthem! The beat is free and easygoing and TMoney's uptempo flow is infectious as he explains his early morning ritual. This is a leak from his upcoming mixtape "Money Monday"! The homie say he's releasing new music every Monday until the release!!! Stay tuned til then just get your lighters ready and roll up another one to this!

BIO: "I am 19 years old working day in day out on my music looking for opportunities and open doors. I'm ready for the next step i just need to get my vision across and heard across the world. It might not happen over night, but everyday I'm working for the next. Support the come up and I promise you I'll make it to the top one day."