SONG REVIEW: M.C. Pollock - Thousand Times ft. IgnoVa

"She say I did it like 1,000 times"

Sonicly perfect to the eardrum! "Thousand Times" by M.C Pollock and IgnVa infuses electronic, singing, and hiphop! A definite club banger!!!

"Electro-pop singer M.C. Pollock and independent rapper IgnoVa, both New Jersey-based musicians, released their next catchy collaborative single, “Thousand Times”. Drawing influences from styles such as Trap and House music, the new song will be available for Spotify streaming and purchase through iTunes on April 30, 2016. Exemplifying the braggadocio inherent in modern pop and hip hop music, “Thousand Times” tells the narrative of enjoying parties, women, and living life to the fullest. “We put so much positive spirit and high energy into ‘Thousand Times’, hence you, the listener, hear dope, pleasant vibes. Blessed track on all accounts,” IgnoVa remarked on inspiration for the musical piece."