MUSIC REVIEW: A-Dub - "Put Em Up"

A-Dub Debuts with "Put Em Up"
VA-based MC Comes Gunning For The Top Out of the Gate 

Virginia-based MC A-Dub from the One of a Kind Collective just released an incredible debut single, "Put Em Up". In this debut from her upcoming untitled project, she shows why she will be a name to take notice in the coming months. Her skill as an MC and infectious sound is one that brings together the old school approach with today's music industry. And unifies the sounds of the South, Midwest, East Coast and West Coast. Coming from a military family, A-Dub had the ability to travel and move across the country to spread her music and message. This had led to a fan base in Los Angeles and throughout the East. 

In her debut single, A-Dub wants to have a good time and shows it on "Put Em Up". Her unrelenting work ethic has gotten her this far and will soon propel her to the next level with this upcoming project. More information on this project and a new single will be announced in the coming weeks.

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