"The Proposition" is a head banger for true hiphop fans. It's got everything, a rugged flow, hiphop battle beat, crazy metaphors, and a dope hook! That Guy Wise reminds me of Keith Murray in the '90's. Very high energy song. Sounds like a cool song to see performed live!

MORE INFO:  "That Guy Wise, following his hip hop family lineage. Having a father that was a Hip Hop and R&B DJ was what first connected him to the genre. Starting at the young age of 9 That Guy Wise began on his musical journey but was yet to make a serious push at perfecting his craft, it began as more of a hobby. At the age of 18 he took the next step in his career coming to the realization of his talent and the opportunity he had to make music his career. Also known as the L.O.T.P. (Life Of The Party) That Guy Wise ties his lyrical ability with a unmatched energy, to create an outside the box style of music. His style pairs strong New York hip hop influences such as Big L, Nas, Biggie and 50 Cent with a current party music feel. Raised in Freeport till the age of 13, That Guy Wise now resides in Lake Ronkonkoma.

Music wasn't an option it was his destiny! When not working on music or doing shows he is helping to build the Hip Hop Heads (3H) brand and expand the groups reach. Outside of his lyrical artistry he also handles the graphic design and the Social Marketing of the 3H brand. Currently working on a EP with the producer Severe Pro based out of Ohio and his debut soloalbum. He has maintained the mind state of "Team First" putting his personal projects on the back burner at times to help his teammates progress. Even in times which he has stepped away from recording you could catch him ripping stages throughout Long Island and New York City."