VIDEO REVIEW: Isaiah G - Loan Le

Director Cole Bennett (of Lyrical Lemonade) allows us to take a walk through these Chitown streets with a extremely talented introvert, named Isaiah G. I feel the release of Isaiah's song "Loan Le" puts his flow up there with today's Chicago elite spitters. Even though, on the surface he's just taking a random stroll through his neighborhood for a smoke, it gets much deeper. As he switches up his style to a break-neck rate and retreats backwards to his hole. The visuals are strong and the production is supreme dopeness, courtesy of Martin $ky(thought he was just a rapper, but a dope beat maker too I guess)!!!

"A few months back Martin $ky had an instrumental called on his soundcloud that hit my soul like few other beats have. I hit him up in person to see if it was cool and he said he didn't mind and so "Loan Le" was created. Fast forward my manager hit up Cole Bennett for the video." @IsaiahG_AAP