SONG REVIEW: K Pac - Rocked Up

"Im rocked up in this BitCH!"

I absolutely love this song!! K Pac's new banger "Rocked Up" is a certified hit! On "Rocked Up" he explains how much he loves his gold teeth! "8 to the top, 8 to the low" he raps bout his fronts. The beat is sonic-ly pleasing and matches K Pacs flow and melody very well. Definitely something to keep on repeat in your whip!

MORE INFO:  K Pak who also goes by the name Panzerflak (which is an influence of his german roots) is young upcoming rapper from Miami-Dade County. More specifically he's from South Miami Heights aka The 12 (the exit to his town). K Pak is a multi-talented individual, not only with his impressive melodic flow and diversity in flows, but he also plays college football in southern California. Thus creating a Cali influenced sound which you can hear in his music as he does Hyphy influenced tracks; something which is rare trait from somebody not from The Bay area. K Pak's future looks promising once you realize he's only getting better. Here is his newest banger "Rocked Up".