MIXTAPE REVIEW: That Man Santiago - Nightlife Fifty-Five

"Nightlife Fifty-Five" is an amazing array of dream-like symphonies for the soul! "Nightlife Fifty-Five" by That Man Santiago is a collection of 11 dark synthesized tracks that tell various stories over superior production. Standout tracks are the laidback and conscious, "Nightlife" & the banger "Tell Somebody" featuring my homeboy Byro!

"The project was recorded and mixed at Soundscape Studios in Chicago. The concept behind the project was to create an honest soundtrack of a person's thoughts before and after a night out in the city. During the length of the tape I travel between thoughts of "turning up" and not worrying about the consequences, to thinking about the repercussions of my actions. The tape touches upon the idea that we are all filled with contradictions; however those contradictions are what help us learn and grow as people."

Listen to his interview with The Dopeness interview series below!