Interview w/ Hi Money

There may be a good amount of our audience who don’t know of Hi Money. Can you tell us how your artist career came together?

I just started off rapping for my block until my brother and one of my closes homeboys convinced me that this was my calling so I went from battle rapping to actually making songs about my real life experiences.

Chicago Hip-hop has a history that some people just don’t know about. Could you tell me what you know represent with that type of sound?
The streets.....I feel that's always a worthy and relatable topic......we all been through something so even if your beat selection is different they story can bring it all back full circle.

Was there a conscious decision for you  to develop your style of rap or did that come more organically?

Yes I chose my lane....I work hard to be very creative and give them something heart felt and still let my deepest talents show.

Is that one of the things that initially attracted you to hip-hop?Yes....the ability to captivate.

How much time do you spend in the studio when you go?
As much as possible.....I'm in the lab every chance I get so every deep thought and idea can be expressed.

So tell us about the song “No Sleep”
"No Sleep" was made to explain tha sacrifice we go through to provide for the ones we  care about...... We all have a purpose and I feel this record explain the story of anyone who ever had to grind for someone other than themselves.

What do you think needs to happen for your music to reach a core audience?
Just work....if I continue to stay consistent I will flourish and build the base I need to become successful!

Last year, you dropped a dope record "Thank You" as well as the follpw up visual.. can you tell us how the record came about and what it meant?
The record was made to tell the stories of those who don't rap.....this is one of those joints i did for the people to boost awareness.

The title of your new upcoming project is "Hola Dinero" can you elaborate on the concept, title and whats expected of it?
Well the title just explains my name which I felt, just spelled it different with the latin flavor.

Was important.....I've been confused for high so much and the purpose of my name is for me to have compatibility with one on the things that make this world go round.."money"
This will be a classic...its soulful yet gritty at times so you have a balance....stories and wordplay combined so expect something special.

Any last words?
Just stay on the look out and follow me! Twitter: @Himoneyimm and IG: Hi_Mula