Blok Club DJ El - LL Cool J Mix [SIC SUNDAYS MIX]

Chicago DJ El The Conductor and host of Tha Underground Radio Show, DJ El drops a ill L.L. Cool J tribute for upcoming event, SIC Sundays!!! If you are a true Ladies Love Cool James fan, you should be excited to catch it live. Bangerz like: "Rock The Bells", "Round the Way Girl", and "Momma Said Knock You Out" to name a few. This will be blasted live Sunday, March 20th. Doors open at 4pm!

Bread Life Ent + P1 + BPeM Group + Presents:

SIC Sundays Monthly Hiphop Concert

Sunday, March 20th 2016

Sounds By: CSK1 (DJ Chosen, DJ Sik Wit It, DJ, Kwiet Storm, P1)

Hosted by Tony Baines 
Hosted by: SharmonJarmon!

Special Guests include:

reverbnation #1 Midwest hiphop artist
Phenomenal1 (P1)

Pennjamin Bannekar

Mr. Whoa Boi

Pheel Deez

Da Kompetition


DJ Mos P(MVPRadio)

YaBoiRell1Word - #400Band

Lick Gang Chris

LP Da Assassin