Sir the Baptist Hits #1 on Spotify Viral Charts & Performing at Grammy Event

We are pleased to announce that Chicago-based Sir the Baptist’s song, “Raise Hell" has been charted top ten numbers as Spotify’s Most Viral track for a week both national and globally. On January 29th, “Raise Hell” suddenly appeared on the charts at #2, and by February 1st Sir had not only hit #1 nationally, but also #6 globally. Spotify is the worlds largest streaming music service. It reaches 58 countries worldwide and has over 60 million active users.

This all coincides with the very week that the RIAA changed their policy to include streams. Sir raised industry interest enough for The Recording Academy to ask Sir the Baptist to be the sole performer at his hometown Chapter in Chicago for their official Grammy Viewing Party. He seems to have a strong hold on listeners and is in the game for the long haul.

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