SINCERELY SIR: An Open Letter To Chicago

An open letter to Chicago:

As Chance takes the stage on SNL (Saturday Night Live) as the first independent musical guest in the history of the show, CHICAGO know that you put him there. It’s hard for an artist to become ”Chicagoan of the Year” without the support of the city. With your help, artists from CHICAGO continue to break barriers.

Congrats Chance. We, CHICAGO, are behind you.

When I recorded “Familiar” on Surf with King Louie and Migos, which broke records on iTunes, the mystique lifted and I saw that this was my city. I’m sure Chance will agree that the strength of CHICAGO is immense! I hope that you continue to show your strength and give kids like Chance, myself and many others to come the platform to represent what CHICAGO really is.

CHICAGO, let’s prove again tonight, as we always do, that we are the same city that produced 21-time Grammy winner Kanye West and the first rapper to receive an Oscar, Common. Let’s support Chance, Jack Red, and SOX on Saturday night and then pledge our Sunday to find the next artist to continue the legacy of our great city.

We also need to put this same support into our political system. Not just protesting, but rebuilding our city through voting and tactics that will improve the system.

Let’s make sure that the next artist we put on follows in my and Chance’s footsteps and is extremely dedicated to economic growth within our communities, protects our families, and more than anything, promotes peace.

Family matters!

“Great power used wisely can bring wonderful blessings to a bewildered world. If used recklessly, vainly, or stupidly, it will become a scourge and blight to humanity.” – William R. Matthews

Sincerely, Sir the Baptist