MUSIC REVIEW: 42oh - "One Night"

42oh is Yours For
"One Night"

42oH has been on a roll ever since he's touched down in California. After packing up his car in Missouri and making the move to pursue his dreams, he has recently teamed up with a powerful management/production team out of Los Angeles to take things next level. After releasing "Rewrite" and "Just For Your Love", 42oh released his latest single "One Night" today.

"One Night" is a song about how a person can go out looking for love and end up finding someone who has the power to change your whole life, mindset, and usual ways by the end of the night. It's a club song meant to tell the real story on what happens when you go looking for love in a nightlife scene. For a former MMA fighter, who only had to stop after a catastrophic car accident, 42oh is now all about to love and shows it on this track. You can catch 42oh live on December 19th at Venue Oakland in the Bay and a few LA concerts will be announced very soon.

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