VIDEO REVIEW: Sir the Baptist - "Wake Up"


I guess there is church in the wild. Sir the Baptist, a Chicago-born recording artist, just premiered his latest artistic demonstration entitled "Wake Up" through Jay Z's entertainment streaming service - Tidal. Sir is an emerging pop/hip hop artist with gospel roots whose sound is reminiscent of "Jesus Walks" or a modern Reverend Run. He is currently highly coveted by some of the most prestigious record labels in the music industry. Universal Music Group states, "Amen! One of the chosen ones has arrived. Save music!"

"Wake Up" is an anti-violence anthem, coming from a Chicagoan who has marched in the streets for this cause, to bring people together and call for change. As we've seen, Chicagoans and artists alike have been blunt on their disapproval of Spike Lee's 'Chiraq'. Although there is outrage surrounding the comedic and sometimes sexist plot on such a sensitive subject, especially to those who have lost someone to the violence, Spike may be hitting a nerve in the city. However, a preachers kid from Louis Armstrong's neighborhood in Chicago decided to act by partnering with Jay Z's tidal streaming service to achieve awareness in a more serious, yet peaceful tone. 

These "Wake Up" demonstrations weren't just another music video. They were a protest on Chicago's Magnificat Mile, a march in low income areas of the city and an event to take back the parks of Chicago by mentoring and feeding the youth in the city.

"Wake Up" was written by Sir many months ago, but happens to share the same title as Pope Francis's upcoming album. Similar to the Pope, Sir has ignited controversy surrounding issues in faith-based communities. Both revolutionaries believe in fighting for the poor, seek to change long-standing problems within their communities, cure injustices that have existed for far too long and build a culture around human dignity for a common good. Not since Reverend Run has the church culture been this embedded in mainstream music.

Catch Sir the Baptist live on December 23rd at Reggies Rock Club in Chicago as part of a Toy & Food Drive Charity Concert. He will also be hosting numerous anti-violence events, turkey donation drives, free concerts for Chicago Public School students and town hall meetings in the months ahead.