Here's a thoughtful track from the homie KidDr1ft name "O.M.O" or "On My Own". Check as he speaks his mind on his lonely state over a sick Luke White. KidDr1ft says, "When I say on my own I'm describing how it is when you trust people, because trusting is like respect and its something that has to be earned. You do get lost in a track at times when you do something you enjoy so I tend to question a lot of things in life but then again who doesn't?"

BIO:  "Darien Gomez Jr aka KidDr1ft or Kid(for short). KidDr1ft is an unsigned artist who also enjoys the bboy life as well.Coming out of Saint Paul, MN but originally born in Minneapolis, MN at a young age he knew what he was destined for.Music has always played an important part of his life whether it was to free his from his problems or just because he was happy music was always there. I guess you could say many artistes from the 80's, 90's and early 2000's inspired him to become an artist of my own. So the thing that keeps him focus isn't just family it's telling hisself "you can't always be the greatest at everything you do but at least you could try to be".