MIXTAPE REVIEW: Tori Bleu - No Deal

I normally stay away from mixtapes where artists rap over industry beats, usually because it lacks true originality and artists lyrics usually don't live up to those beats. Tori, on the other hand totally kills some of your favorite industry hits on her latest mixtape "No Deal". The difference here is she switches her style on each track, transforming songs and making them her own!  Download ASAP!!!

MORE INFO: "In only a few short years Tori has already proven herself as a force to be reckoned with. With her first viral video No Flex Zone (remix) appearing on a host of websites, including vlad.tv and thiis50.com; she has also been featured in numerous magazines including Hip Hop Weekly as cohost of haveseatradio and featured as itsonlyentertainment.net. she gained the interest of the industry."