Song Review: Yourz Truly - They Dont Put It Down Like You

Yourz Truly is right back at you with another certified banger name "They Dont Put It Down Like You". This is a fun uptempo song that is strictly dedicated to the ladies. YT rides a dope beat perfectly and the soulful assist on the hook from singer, JC Collins, puts this 1 over the top! I really feeling this "Put It Down" joint and you should too. Its near impossible not to put it on repeat!!!  

More About Yourz Truly: "Rapper , singer , songwriter known as Y.T (Yourz Truly), started out as a R&B artist and would later go on to prove to be multi-talented as he took on Hip Hop as a freestyle rap battler, showcasing his lyrical skills during his high school years. Known for his diverse style and musical creativity,While other artists tip-toe around originality, Yourz Truly spent his time developing his song material and craft songs that make his pen separate from the majority of crowd. From R&B to Hip Hop, he found a way to create his own sound in the landscape of urban music. Yourz Truly flaunts a polished, energetic flow, but he also takes his music SERIOUS."