MUSIC REVIEW: King$ - "Hate Me"

"Hate Me"? That's OK by King$

Chicago-based MC King$ is bringing a fresh new sound to the Chicago music scene. As he describes, "the best way I can describe my style is a cross between Chicago Drill and 1980's punk rock. It's like if The Misfits had a baby with Chief Keef". The aggression in the songs is evident, but King$ is calculated at every turn. After recently inking a new management deal, he just released his first song in this new chapter - "Hate Me".

This is a song for the haters. As King$ states, "I wrote the song for anyone who has people in their life who are jealous of them and try to discourage them from achieving their goals. I got inspired to write it from having to deal with some individuals who have tried to put me down and make me believe I could never become successful. To me, it's an anthem for anyone who has someone jealous of them or 'haters'. The chorus means that I am trying to avoid negative energy from those who are doing nothing with their life and saying it's ok if they're jealous and don't like me because I'm trying to make something of myself". Take a listen to the anthem below and be sure to catch King$ live at a skate shop near you or on October 18th at Double Door alongside The Palmer Squares, Sir the Baptist, OnlyJame & more. Get your tickets HERE!!

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