MUSIC REVIEW: 42oH - "Just For Your Love"

42oh Is Coming "Just For Your Love" 

42oH just packed up his car and drove across the country from Missouri to California to pursue his dreams. Now officially a California resident, he has recently teamed up with a powerful management/production team out of Los Angeles to take things next level. After releasing his latest release "Rewrite" just before making the move, 42oH marks his first official Cali release with "Just For Your Love".

"Just For Your Love" is a lyrical love story. While "Rewrite" discussed the problems with the Missouri music scene and reasons for 42oH's escape, he now brings 'Cali Love' as he hits the sun out West. Love is one of the most powerful forces in the world...and as long as things are open and honest, it can be one of the best things for people. As 42oH states, "I just want people to realize that even if they have a bad day at the office or personal turmoil, everyone can find love which can overpower all of that". Check out the song below and more coming from him very soon. Plus, catch him on November 15th at Dragonfly Hollywood in LA!!

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