Enroll into "The College Of Hip Hop"

What is The College Of Hip-hop? 

TCOHH: The College of Hip Hop.Org is the premier on-line learning institution that is committed to teaching the business side of the entertainment BUSINESS.

Who is the typical student at TCOHH? 

TCOHH: The typical student would be some one who is interested in entering the entertainment field. Anyone who would like to learn the actual business of entertainment. We provide the knowledge a person needs to be involved in the entertainment industry. 

How does someone enroll?

TCOHH: You enroll into The College Of Hip Hop by clicking the link http://thecollegeofhiphop.org/registration/its only $19.96 for a year’s access to all of our webinars. 

Have any students experienced success after completing TCOHH? 

TCOHH: Many students enroll in the program at varies stages of their career so we would have to say yes. We would also say that success is based on the actual client, one artist definition of success isn’t the same as another’s.

What type of work study/internship programs do you offer students? 

TCOHH: Currently we don’t offer any work-study or internships, what we do have are a very extensive network and from that network may lead to a program as such.

I noticed TCOHH book “10 steps to profit from your passion”, how much revenue has TCOHH team been responsible for generating? 
TCOHH: In no way shape or form will we discuss the amount of revenue we have generated. That has nothing to do with what we teach. However you can order our book "10 Steps to profit from your Passion" on Amazon, the e book is only $2.99, it's an entrepreneurial self -help book. Anyone can apply these 10 steps to what they are doing. We just give it to you from a music perspective. 

What would you tell a student who is on the edge of using your service but thinks the free programs online could offer the same platform as TCOHH? 
TCOHH: There is no one platform that can provide all the services that are provided by TCOHH, and TCOHH is designed to be user friendly, it's not just a bunch of information scattered around on a website. Our webinars are set up for the users to be able to understand what they are watching. It's deeper then just "providing" information. 

Where can students find out more info about TCOHH online, social media? 
TCOHH: You can find out more about The College Of Hip Hop by visiting www.tcohh.org everything you need to know is there, you can get on our e mail list to be up dated with new interviews etc. That's where you become a paid subscriber at as well.