NEW MUSIC: Cody Tyler - "Pulp Fiction"

Cody Tyler Stars in "Pulp Fiction"

Cody Tyler just released his latest record, "Pulp Fiction". Take a look into Cody's life as he lets you into his world. Battling depression from an early age and spending some time in a rehabilitation institute, Cody is sick of the struggle and battle. He looks to express this when writing this record. Life is good and he wants to express this when listening to this song. Cody wrote the hook immediately after hearing the beat and wrote 6 verses following that (choosing the best two). This is the work it takes to make great music and Cody understands the process of songwriting better than most.

 Hailing from Florida, the now Los Angeles-based MC is currently prepping his upcoming project, but decided to drop the track for your Summer listening pleasure. Cody has a story that needs to be heard. And one that can help many other artists and people as they listen to his music. You can catch Cody on a stage near you this Summer in LA. More coming from Cody very soon!!