MUSIC REVIEW: Jamahd - "Whipped" ft. Chris James

Jamahd Drops "Whipped" ft. Chris James


JAMAHD is one of the hottest upcoming MCs in Chicago right now...and "Whipped" shows you exactly why. After recently spending some time traveling and hitting recording studios in many different cities, Jamahd has re-emerged with a sound that blends Chicago and the inspirations he pulled from the great cities across the country. Take a look into Jamahd's life below. 

His debut single "Whipped" delves into a subject that most rappers aren’t interested in talking about. They rarely touch the perspective about falling for a woman that has them so enthralled, because  it’s not in their persona.
Along with some help from singer/songwriter Chris James, Jamahd paints a vivid picture of how you can "fall in lust" and truly be unexpectedly 'whipped' sometimes.

"Whipped came about by just taking a new approach for me to create music. I also produce and usually my process starts by working on the beat, then working on the lyrics. But this time I literally came up with the lyrics and flow while making the music simultaneously, and the concept just came out of the sky for me. I knew I had something because it just felt good the way everything came together "Jamahd explained.

As he preps his next project, expect a steady stream of new content to come in the coming months. And be sure to catch him live in Chicago on October 18th alongside Sir the Baptist at Double Door. We appreciate your support!!