MUSIC REVIEW: 42oh - "Rewrite"

42oh Moves To California;
Drops New Single "Rewrite"

Missouri-based 42oh is taking his talents to California and has dropped a new single titled "Rewrite" to mark this major move. 42oh has recently teamed up with a powerful management/production team out of Chicago and Los Angeles to take things next level. And he's taking this to heart by getting out of Columbia, Missouri and heading West.

"Rewrite" is the story of a local artist in a dying music scene, where fans and other artists don't support each other. Everyone has to be number one rather than come together. So he is forced to move to chase his dream, while everyone else told him he should give up because he wasn't good enough. With faith in his talents and grind, he takes the leap into unknown lands to achieve greatness and achieve success. This story rings very real to 42oh right now. Check out the song below and more coming from him very soon. We appreciate your support!!