Cali standup for the homie FlyCobain! The West takeover has been well under way, from the rise mcs like of Kendrick, Nip$y, Dom and now young artists like FlyCobain. His new project "A1EP" Hosted by DJ Prim3 gives me a feel of warm weather, palm trees, that good kush and fine latin chicks. All the tracks make you want bust out into a crip-walk. Download the EP and check his bio below!

"Growing up music has been a big role/outbreak in my life, whether its my parents singing songs or me with a mic in my hand singing songs like i invented them on my own. During the summer of 06 i was invited to a studio session and was asked to get on a track, (my first track) with no hesitation nor nervousness i was willing and ready, and ever since then i never stopped. As years and years have gone by i still continue to do music and i love it!

My Style: My style of music is mainly me being myself i am very sensitive of everything i see, do, hear, or even dont like. I incorporate my life in my music (the best way to do it.) whether its Rap or Hip-Hop i put myself in my own category of "Being Me." I was once told that "Ive made someone feel relaxed and heartfelt with my music."