Kevin Gates Accused Of Fighting During Concert

Photo by Google Images

According to TMZ, Louisiana rapper Kevin Gates got into a fight with two women during a concert this past weekend.

TMZ reports that Gates  was performing at Z Club in Flint, Michigan when two women in the crowd continuously attempted to grab him.

Footage of the incident shows that Gates ignored the annoyances at first however, after repeated attempts by the women, began lashing out. Security guards quickly intervened and pulled Gates back from the scuffle.

Shortly after the first incident had calmed down, video footage shows Gates getting into a dispute with another concertgoer.

No police was called following the incident.

In other news Gates called out President Obama on Instagram blaming him for the deaths in the African American community.

“N****s so stupid, talking ’bout a change gon’ come. [Since] Obama been in office I done buried more of my n****s and more family than I ever did in my life. All he did was f**k a n***a money up since he been in office. Please get this n***a out of office," Gates posted on Instagram.

Since when did the president become responsible for the conscious acts of an individual?

Kevin Gates said Obama has been messing up his money since he been in office, What money?
Tamara M. Anderson