Mary Mary Season 4 Ep. 4: "Together Again"

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This week on "Mary Mary" Goo Goo stood up for Erica by approaching Mitch and of course, things didn't end well. Tina and Teddy went on their honeymoon and Erica and Warren were vacationing in New York. Warren introduced his baby sister Joi who is a singer to the spotlight. To top things off Tina presented both Erica and Warren with separate propositions.

While Tina and Teddy were enjoying their honeymoon Erica was excited about going to Cabo with her husband. When things didn't go according to plan she was a little upset but Warren made up for it. Warren took his wife by Jet to have a nice dinner outside but there was something up his sleeve. Erica who had no plans on working ended up singing at an event Joi was performing at.

Meanwhile when Tina returned she surprised Erica by telling her she wanted to get Mary Mary back together. Erica was hesitant because she's busy working on her solo career. After that Tina went to Warren pitching a R&B wedding album. Warren was in shock just as much as his wife was.

When Erica and Warren discussed Tina's propositions they agreed they would not do Mary Mary at that time. She told Tina that she wasn't willing to do that and Tina wasn't happy about it. However, following a discussion with Goo, Erica had a change of heart. She called her sister and told her that she was ready to work on Mary Mary and Warren was not happy about it.

So, what does that mean? Are Mary Mary getting back together? Will Erica changed her mind and focus on her solo career?

Would you like to see Mary Mary get back together?

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Tamara M. Anderson