Love & Hip Hop New York Season 5, Episode 11: "Broken Street Code"

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On this week's episode of "Love & Hip Hop New York" Rich Dollaz broke a guy code when he went attempted to go after one of Cisco's ex flings. 

Diamond met up with Rich for the second time but it wasn't about Cisco. This time she wanted a piece of Rich. She told him how good he looked and he made his move. Even though Dollaz didn't have a sexual encounter with Diamond he thought about it and to Cisco that's a no-no. To him that's breaking a street and guy code when you mess around with your boy's ex or pop-off!

Meanwhile while Cyn was determined to get her emotional closure from Erica months after their break-up, she and Cisco seem to be getting closer. Cisco and Cyn look like the perfect couple. If only Cyn can let go of Erica who has moved on to Bow Wow!

Chinx received some unexpected news about Chrissy and he wasn't happy about it. Rich showed him a photo spread of Chrissy in a magazine. He approached Chrissy calling her a whore but she called it art.

To make a long story short after seeing that magazine spread Chinx no longer looks at Chrissy as the woman he thought she was.

Lastly, Peter Gunz thought Amina was playing when she said he she was leaving for Germany. When he returned to their home she was packed and gone. 

Peter surprised Amina when he arrived in Germany. He met her mother who had no problem laying it into him. Amina seemed like she had her mind made up when she said she wasn't falling for Peter's lies again, but on the next episode the two go at it again.

Peter is doing the right thing by being single. All he needs to do is just co-parent with the mother of his children. At least then he can sleep with whomever he wants and not worry about hurting Amina or Tara!

Some men just need to grow up!
Tamara M. Anderson