CHICAGO EVENT: Unite And Conquer: Meeting of Clans - March 27th

Forward Movement Collective & Amsterjam Bud Gang Presents:
“(U)nite (A)nd (C)onquer: Meeting of Clans”

The (U)nite (A)nd (C)onquer: Meeting of Clans showcase is bringing some of most successful groups in the Chicago scene under 1 roof to exhibit that Chicago Hip Hop is nowhere near segregated; but United towards the growth of the genre. Each emcee of every crew has not only shown that they are an integral part of Chicago’s Hip Hop roots; collaboratively they bring a unique performance & style dynamic to the stage. 

The night kicks off with Performances By:

Black Temple 21 

Network Crew

Tomahawk Gang

Blunt Crew

Seven Oddities

Hosted By: Dirt Diggler aka Dirty MF and Lyric Versatile

Music Provided By: Encyclopedia Brown!!!!!! 

Admission: Ladies Free til 10:30pm (showtime)/$7 before 10:30pm/$10 after

Do Not Miss this awesome event!!!!

more surprises coming soon....