Brownstone Member Charmayne "Maxee" Maxwell

Photo by Google Images

Sadly, it's been reported that Charmayne Maxwell aka Maxee from the R&B female trio group Brownstone has passed away due to a sudden accident.

According to TMZ, Maxee suffered a fatal fall on Saturday causing her to cut her neck on glass. She was reportedly bleeding profusely, but still had a pulse.

Maxwell's partner Carsten Schack called 911, The paramedics then transported her to Cedars Sinai Hospital but she had lost too much blood. TMZ were told that the singer died on the way to the hospital. Maxee was 46 at her time of death.

Many friends of Maxee sent out their condolences via social media. Teisha Brown also from the group Brownstone sent out a message saying “I just need to be by you 1 more time on stage MAX!”

However, Nicci Gilbert was too distraught to speak on her fellow group member!

Condolences and prayers go out to the Maxwell family!

Tamara M. Anderson