"Black Ink Crew" Season 3, Ep.7: "No Leg To Stand On"

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This week on "Black Ink Crew" Donna made a bad decision when she met up with Oh S**t's baby momma and fiancee Anya. Walt met his brother and family on his father side and lo and behold, Ceasar went to jail.

While Oh S**t was in rehab Donna thought it was a good idea to meet up with Anya. Things didn't go well from the start. Anya tried to tell Donna how disrespectful she was coming at her like she was. She told her she didn't like the fact that she was living with her man. Anya threw a drink in Donna's face after she told her she loved her man and laughed in her face. Security broke the fight up but Anya wasn't through with Donna. Unfortunately, she got her ankle ran over by a car when she decided to jump out of a cab trying to get to Donna.

While Donna may have thought she did the right thing she might just find herself unemployed. Hopefully, she will think twice about taking Dutchess advice.

Before the fight went down between Donna and Anya, Teddy, Donna, Sky and Walt found out Ceasar had been arrested. To make matters worse a porn star from Chicago was pissed off when she learned neither Ceasar nor Dutchess was available for the 5th time to do her tattoo. 

Instead of Ceasar accepting responsibility for his lack of professionalism he went off on Donna as if it was her fault. Dutchess who thinks Donna should hold her tongue and back down from Ceas, feels she is entitled to some kind of superiority because she's engaged to Ceas. 

If that was Sky she would Dutchess have taken her side? Would she have taken a back seat from Ceas if she was in Donna's position?

Meanwhile Ceasar wasn't supportive of Walt seeing his father side of the family but Sky and Teddy took a trip with him. It meant a lot to Walt to see his brother and meet his other relatives. He was estactic about being an uncle. 

On the flip side of things Ceasar pulled a b***ha**ness move when he tried to sabatoge Puma by going behind his back to connect with his boss. 

It's amazing how things have changed since the first season of "Black Ink Crew". Alex, Sassy, Puma and Ceasar's sister was either fired or left the shop willingly. Has Ceasar changed? If so, is it because of Dutchess?

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Tamara M. Anderson