Black Ink Crew Season 3: "Ceasar Proposes"

Photo by Google Images

This week on 'Black Ink Crew' Ceasar proposed to Dutchess and she said, Yes. If anyone else isn't happy for them Sky was. She was the one who encouraged Ceas to go after Dutchess in Paris.

Speaking of Sky does she not know the meaning of love and being faithful. She claim to have so much love for her man who just got out of jail yet she was kissing Teddy in the back room. Who does that?

Ceasar was right! Sky still wants Teddy. 

Meanwhile Ceasar threw a party for his tattoo shop renovation and Puma brought all his negative energy to the room. He was disrespectful to Ceasar and his shop. Ceasar remained quite but only for so long. After he heard that last remark and Puma dropped chicken on his floor Ceasar approached him. First, Ceas was talking but then he placed his paws on Puma and slammed him to the floor.

Security immediately stepped in and grabbed Ceasar while Puma continued to talk trash. Puma was escorted out the tattoo shop with Sassy by his side. 

Just before Puma rained on Ceasar's parade Quanni, his wife dropped a bomb on him. She said she wanted to pursue her career in fashion and he needed to fall back a bit. Following Quanni's revelation Sassy dropped another bomb saying she was leaving Ink 124 to go her separate way.

Next week on 'Black Ink Crew' Ceaser tests Teddy's loyalty. Sassy pursues her career in modeling while Quanni serves as the stylist for her photo shoot. To top things off O S**t gets arrested after testing positive for drugs. Will he ever learn?

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Tamara M. Anderson