Yung Berg Responds To Gay Rumors, Admits To Lying On Teairra

Photo by Google Images

It was just on the "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" reunion when Yung Berg revealed to viewers and the audience that singer Teairra performed oral sex on him. Although Teairra denied Berg's accusations she admitted to kissing the producer.

Following the reunion Berg was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend Masika at a nightclub. Later on Ray J's manager came out calling Berg a homosexual. He accused him of having sexual relations with a younger man in the studio.

Recently, Berg addressed the gay rumors, his assault on Masika and what he said about Teairra during an interview with Power 105.1.

“Let’s clear the air. No, I’m not gay; I’ve never been gay,” Berg said.

Berg didn't say much about the gay situation but he did address the rumor he started about Teairra. He admitted to lying on the singer and that Ray J persuaded him to start the rumor about his ex of eight years.

“I feel horrible for even saying that. To keep it 100 with you, I was pressured into saying that,” said Berg. “Ray J love that girl, man,” Berg explained. “I’m strictly music with Teairra Mari.”

Berg also said that Ray's continuous love for Teairra is one reason Ray’s manager started a rumor about catching Berg in the studio having an intimate moment with another man.

“I’m just disappointed in him. How you gonna let your manager say that when you know it’s not true,” Berg said.

In regards to what he allegedly did to Masika Yung Berg couldn't say too much about the situation, however, he did say there was no credit card involved and he denied there was any violence involved.

“She explained the situation. I didn’t abuse her. I didn’t touch her.”

Berg also discussed him returning back to "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. He said if he was to come back they would have to offer him more money.

Who would like to see Berg come back to L&HHL? Should he be able to come back after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend Masika?

Tamara M. Anderson