Press Release: Polie Da Great partners with Stack Or Starve Approved for the release of “Famous Stranger” Mixtape

Dec 8th, 2014 - Chicago, IL

Chicago born hip hop artist Polie Da Great (PDG)  has partnered with Stack Or Starve Approved
 for the release of his mix tape project  “Famous Stranger” via Live Mixtapes, Orange Mixtapes , Spinrilla, Datpiff & many other outlets.

Dubbed as one of Chicago’s most promising, upcoming &  prolific artists to date, 
Polie Da Great has a talent that represents innovative concepts, quality production and party like anthems for those who enjoy having a good time. 

His flow and creative process as Polie puts it, hasn't changed at all. "My writing process hasn't changed since I started rapping. Beats talk to me and take me into another universe. I listen to a lot of beats from various producers and pick my favorites. I sit down with my girlfriend Mary Jane and we put our heads together and come up with greatness; because remember Good ain't GREAT.

In addition, Polie breaks down the "Famous Stranger" title and concepts:
"It took a little more time than usual for me to come up with the album title. I been grinding and rapping for years. I been traveling around the country and some of the places that I have visited I always seem to bump into a fan. Some of my fans already feel like I'm famous, but there are a ton of people who don't know me yet. I live in the third biggest city in the country. As far as who knows me, for every one hundred there is about one hundred thousand that does not know me. My fans always tell me how I deserve a shot and to them I'm famous but to the world I'm a stranger. "

The first official leak off the "Famous Stranger" project titled "No Comments" (Prod.HB On The Track) Went viral today to many blogs & music outlets, Polie breaks down the process of how this track came about: "This is another track that already had the chorus on it. When creating this I was thinking about all the "foo foo" stuff that had been transpiring. For example, recently a few card crackers were caught. Then out of nowhere someone leaks them to about 25 other people. The whole time I'm reading and hearing about this all I could think was the main person who was probably talking about how real they were was the one snitching. I just figured I would add my two cents on how people need to plead the fifth and shut the f*** up." 

 Stream & Download "No Comments" Below:

"Famous Stranger" Available Feb 2015, be on the lookout for this A1 release!

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