Master P: "Kobe Needs Somebody to Put Him In Place"

Photo by Google Images

While the Los Angeles Lakers is suffering from their worst season in the NBA with a record of 8-19, rapper Master P has taken aim at the team's leading man Kobe Bryant.

During an interview with TMZ, Master P spoke about Kobe and the LA Lakers. 

"They need me to come back," he says, as he exits an airport. "Kobe needs somebody to put him in place."

Although Master P didn't play in a regular season game he did play in the leagues try-outs with the Dallas Mavericks and the Charlotte Hornets. He also played in a preseason game against the Toronto Raptors.

"I played against Kobe, he knows what's up," P joked. "He just needs somebody real out there with him."

Can Master P save the Los Angeles Lakers? 
Tamara M. Anderson