Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Reunion Review: Yung Berg Reveals Shocking News About Teairra

Photo by Google Images
On the two-part reunion to "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" secrets were revealed and unresolved issues remained unresolved.

Before the first five minutes of the program viewers and some of the cast were shocked to find out Ray-J had a fling with Hazel E. It was a even more surprise to see Ray J and Teairra sitting away from each other. On the finale Ray J and Teairra appeared to be back together but that didn't last because he and Princess were back together at the reunion.

Ray J apologized to Teairra for how he treated her but he lied on her when he said she told him Morgan told her those things about Princess. Ray J was trying to save face. He didn't want to hear what Morgan had to say which explains why he tried to get Princess to fight his battles.

Masika should have been on voice rest after the back and forth wasteful speaking between she and Nikki and Nikki's mother. Nikki is not a fighter but she loves to flaunt her body around. It became quite clear that Yung Berg is an instigator and manipulator. He stirred the pot and kept it brewing.

First he admitted to telling Nikki that Masika and Mally Mall were dating and then he told about Ray and Hazel. His last stunt was when he alleged that Teairra performed oral sex on him. She denied it but admitted to kissing him. 

Soulja Boy and Nia addressed their issues but he wasn't happy with social media knowing Teddy Riley was not Nia's biological father. Lil Fizz and Moniece addressed Amanda who claims she still loves Dreux. Moniece brought her calm sarcastic attitude with her and she managed to remain in her seat this time.

Omarion talked about the removal of his turtleneck. He also said the naked selfie floating around isn't him but it sure did look like him. Hmmmm!

Teairra who was pretty hot and fiesty during the season was calm compared to her cast mates. Ray J ordered Princess to put her hands on Morgan and like a dummy she did it. Will Princess be removed from the show?

Following the show was when Berg attacked his girlfriend Masika and he was immediately terminated by VH1.

Tamara M. Anderson