Has Trina Braxton Filed For Divorce From Her Husband Gabe Again?

Photo by Google Images

On last season of "Braxton Family Values" Trina proudly boasted her husband, Gabe around her sisters. 

Tamar was shocked to learn the two had gotten back together being that her sister filed for divorce.

Trina appeared to be happy with Gabe but maybe that was all a show for television because according to reports, the Braxton sister has filed for divorce again, for real this time!

YBF reports that Trina was all set and ready to dish all the dirty details on her estranged marriage to Gabe Solis but she later changed her mind. She was suppose to do a press conference discussing how Gabe wants 50 percent of everything, the restraining order and divorce filing but she later declined.

However, Trina did say she is fed up with Gabe's betrayal and disloyalty after trying to save their marriage several times. 

Trina and Gabe have been on a roller coaster for the past few years maybe it's time Trina say good-bye and find her a winner. 

We wish Trina the best of luck in her future love life!
Tamara M. Anderson