Black Girls Rock As Winners "Survivor", "Hell's Kitchen" & "House of DVF"

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This year has been a great victory for some of our African American reality stars who are often outnumbered in the reality world of television.

On season 22 of "Survivor: San Juan Del Sur" it wasn't an easy task but Natalie became the winner after all of her hard cunning work. Natalie's twin sister Nadiya was eliminated early in the game but this bad mama jama eliminated the competition and managed to win the game.

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On the 13th season of "Hell's Kitchen" Sade was sure she was going to make it to the final two but it was La Tasha McCutchen and Bryant. Although Bryant is an excellent chef it was Tasha, the kitchen supervisor from FLorida who Chef Ramsey chose to be the winner.

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Last but not least is Brittany Hampton from the new reality series "House of DVF" became the new ambassador to represent the brand DVF (Diane Von Furstenberg).

It was definitely a struggle for Brittany who out beat Kier and Amanda. However, her experience and ambitions is worth more than her bad attitude. Let's just hope her career doesn't end before it starts!

Congrats to Natalie, La Tasha and Brittany!
Tamara M. Anderson