Beanie Sigel Wakes Up From Surgery

Photo by Google Images

On December 5th it was reported that rapper Beanie Sigel and another man was shot outside his home.

The rapper was immediately rushed to the hospital to be treated for what was described as life threatening.

According to recent news, the rapper who was shot in the stomach is awake following surgery, but the other man declined treatment and refused to cooperate. 

According to chief police Jose Ruiz, the shooting between Sigel and the other man was family related.

"Apparently, there was a struggle of some type, which led to Mr. Grant being shot and that is all we have at this point," Ruiz said.

The incident occurred shortly after Sigel dropped his children off at school

This sounds oh so familiar! Wasn't it Benzino who was shot by a family member on his way to his mother's funeral?

We're just glad Beanie Sigel is live and well!

Tamara M. Anderson