ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: P. Moody - #Bitches and Bottles

P. Moody has been taking over Europe for sometime now with his hiphop music. I'm lucky enough to just have discovered his crazy, dope videos "Ballerina", "Fly", and "One Heart". Now P drops his best single to date... "#Bitches and Bottles". Go download the latest international smash hit and peep his background story below!!!

"P.Moody is a South American rap artist living in Europe, Amsterdam. He is mostly know for a few commercial releases and his featurings on several EDM songs. After spending a year incarcerated on gun charges, he decided to take his music more serious. He has been in the studio working hard, grinding the last 2 years and is ready to let the world get to know him. The first song of his debut album (“Get Familiar”) in the making, is the single “#Bitches and Bottles. P.Moody might be heard on some EDM songs, his debut album is pure hiphop/rap. His album will not only consist of songs for the club like #Bitches and Bottles, it will be a reflection of P.Moody, to the soundtrack of his life.The release of the video for the free-for-download-officlal-single #Bitches and Bottles, is scheduled for the first week of january 2015. We would like to sent you that as a premiere too, on the release date."