Is Ginuwine Facing Bankruptcy?

Photo by Google Images

R&B singer Ginuwine who is known for the hits "Pony", "I'll Do Anything", "Differences" and "So Anxious" is being sued by a former business partner. The TGT member could be facing bankruptcy!

According to reports, Ginuwine aka Elgin Lumpkin Robert Reives, the executive producer of the album "The Bachelor". Reives alleges Ginuwine who's reported net worth is $11 million, according to, owes hims royalties stemming from a $1.25 million 5-year-deal contract with Sony.

According to Ginuwine's lawyer, Bruce Beckner, his client is on the verge of filing bankruptcy.

“He owes my firm a ton of money and a bunch of other people a ton of money. He owes Uncle Sam 300-odd thousand dollars in back income taxes,” Beckner said.

Ginuwine said that he doesn't owe Reives anything and that the accusations against him falls outside the statue of limitation.

Ginuwine and Reives are scheduled to settle this matter in Manhattan Federal Court.
Tamara M. Anderson