T.I. Responds To Azealia Banks

Photo by Google Images

Previously, we reported Azealia Banks calling rapper T.I. out on not defending his label artist Iggy Azalea.

Snoop and Iggy went back and forth on Twitter calling each other out their name, posting disgusting pics on Instagram and taking jabs at each other. The whole dispute was initiated by Snoop.

Banks felt T.I. should be taking up for Iggy especially since he threatened to put his hands on her a while back. She felt that if he can step up to a female that he can step up to a man like Snoop.

Well, rapper T.I. responded to Banks and what he said probably made Banks have to pull out an encyclopedia!

“That was cowardly.” T.I. said to MTV news. “Listen, I think anytime we—How do I say? Speak on certain matters that are above us we merely bring attention to all of our weaknesses. You know what I’m saying? And her speaking on my family, on my people, I think the people then look at her. They look at this person who had this to say, 'Let’s see what they look like. My word. You should have said that with a mask on. Burn the baby pictures." 

“Ever since this person has been introduced into the community, if you will, they’ve done nothing but unnecessarily kick up dust,” he added. “Create controversy, confusion. With not enough works to justify the confusion or the hype or the controversy that surrounds their likeness…It’s just like when you see a person out in the middle of the ocean drowning. They kicking and screaming. They kicking and screaming. They splashing a bunch of water. They have no real strategies. No real application of skill to get them through this situation. They’re just kicking, wailing, screaming, splashing, until they eventually drown,” T.I. added.

Hopefully this will keep Azealia quiet. How do you bounce back from that?
Tamara M. Anderson