Sisterhood of Hip Hop Finale: "Things We Learn From" Review

Photo by Google Images

Congratulations are in order for Miss Brianna Perry who graduated from college on the finale of "Sisterhood of Hip Hop". 

Speaking of the finale, all except Diamond put on a showcase for their fans and new listeners. The show was great overall. Each female rapper gave it thier best and the crowd appeared to be pleased, despite the many bleeps.

During the showcase Nyemiah went first with her son "Downgrade You" followed by Brianna Perry with her seductive hip hop sounds. Bia came in next and they save the best for last, Siya.

Diamond wasn't able to participate in the showcase because she wasn't ready. However, she did invite Brianna to listen to the track she was working on. Before the showcase she introduced the girls to Eve who offered some sound advice for the rising stars.

While things are coming up for Siya music wise, things didn't end so good with her and Renaye. Renaye apologized to Siya for how she had been acting. Siya accepted her apology but she also broke up with her. 

Was it the right thing to do? If Siya is trying to make it out here in the industry where women are rarely accepted cutting Renaye loose was the way to go. Not everything you want to work out always will!
Tamara M. Anderson