Did Rajon Rondo Injure His Hand From Trampoline Or Shower?

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Previously, it was reported that Rajon Rondo broke his hand and as a result would need up to 8 weeks of recovery following surgery. So how did Rondo hurt his hand?

Many find it hard to believe that Rondo hurt his hand from a fall in the shower. However, they do believe it could have happened during his visit to the Trampoline Park in Massachusetts.

It doesn't help that the employees at the trampoline park confirmed Rondo did not partake in any bouncing off the wall activities, the Celtics still wasn't buying it. Some feel that this injury could not have come at a perfect time. They believe there's more going on than he's telling.

While Rondo was constantly being questioned it prompted him to ask if he was under investigation.

Rondo insists the injury did not occur at the trampoline park. He said he slipped in the shower and landed on his knuckles. At the trampoline park he said all he did was let the kids play and run off some steam.

"People were really nice there, they let me in for free. That was good. That night, I went home and that's when the incident happened. It didn't happen at all at the trampoline place," Rondo explained.

The president of the Celtics, Danny Ainge came to Rondo's defense as he recalls a time he fell in the shower while in Vegas. 

"I was staying at the Wynn hotel. I came out of the shower and slipped, and smashed my head. I had to go to the emergency room and get my head glued. I spent the night at the emergency room. I guess it's not so shocking to me that that's possible," Ainge said in reference to Rondo falling in the shower.

Ainge also said they will be cautious with Rondo. He added that people underestimate how much you use your left hand.

"He uses it a lot but defensively and we want to be careful and make sure there's nothing long term there," Ainge said.

October 29th is the beginning of the season. Rondo won't be able to play with his team. It's possible he could recover sooner than the doctors speculated. 

How do you think Rondo broke his hand, from the shower or the trampoline?
Tamara M. Anderson