Did Fantasia Get Married After Two Weeks of Dating?

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Despite what Fantasia Barrino is going through with her exes she isn't letting that stop her from being in love. She has a new man who she is allegedly now married to. Could this be true?

According to Sister 2 Sister, the R&B singer has been inducted in the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame on October 16. She then had fans wondering if she had tied the knot when she called herself Mrs. Kendall Taylor.

The "Bittersweet" singer was also seen wearing a huge rock on her finger. Last week she called herself "Mrs. Daddy" in a post on Instagram.

“This man, Lord!!! My Mr. and Mrs. He is…What a night is all I can say! Ending it with you baby makes it all better", Fantasia posted.

Prior to the Fantasia's postings her alleged husband posted a pic of Fantasia's name of his chest on Instagram.

Fantasia and Kendall who is a Chief Operating Officer Metro Transportation LLC have been dating for a few months. While there are some who are happy Fantasia many are wondering if she moved too fast too soon and did she sign a prenup.

Fantasia has been through enough with the men in her life. It's about time she found someone who loves her like she loves him!

Congratulations to Mrs. Kendall Taylor!
Tamara M. Anderson