Dallas Cowboys Running Back Arrested For Stealing Underwear

Photo by Google Images

Some people just take the things they have for granted! 

According to reports, Joseph Randle of the Dallas Cowboys has been arrested for shoplifting. He was accused of stealing Polo underwear.

Randle was caught on camera stealing two pair of black Polo underwear after he purchased some perfume from Dillards. The underwear was valued at $39.50. Randle also tried to steal a tester bottle of Gucci cologne that valued at $84, according to the arrest report.

Randle has no remorse for his actions. He told one of the officers that had he known he was going to be arrested that he would have kept on walking to his car, after he was confronted by the security officer.

It's also been reported that Randle has a base salary of $495,000 which means he could have purchased the underwear. He could have bought more than two pair. He could have bought ten pair, maybe twenty pair. Was it really worth getting a record for what would be considered chump change?

A close source to the team said Randle won't be suspended from his NFL team but he will be fined.
Tamara M. Anderson