Sisterhood of Hip Hop-Episode 3 Review: "Brianna Fires Her Manager"

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This week on "Sisterhood of Hip Hop" While Bia had to put her music temporarily on hold Siya became frustrated with her music career being at a standstill. Diamond continued to dismiss Nyemiah and Brianna was forced to cut the lines between family and business.

Continuing from episode one, tensions escalated between Diamond and Nyemiah. Diamond criticized Nyemiah's performance and continued to put her down as an artist. Nyemiah didn't engage in Diamond's shade too much but you can tell she felt some type of way about it. Who is Diamond anyway? Who did she pave the way for? 

Siya reached a breaking point when she talked to Tank about how slow things were going. The good news is Tank got her some studio time like she wanted. With her girl Renaye having her back she should be good to go. The bad news is her friend/manager no longer wants to represent her unless she signs a contract. Signing a contract is the last thing on Siya's mind but for now things are looking good for Siya. All she's missing now is a team! 

Bia received a phone call from her baby sister Trini. She learned she was suspended and she put her music on hold so she could see about her. Bia is the kind of chick who puts her family first. No matter what she will drop everything to be there for her sister. Making family a priority is a good thing but in this industry they want you 24/7 or they're not interested.

Brianna and her mother had a meeting with Atlantic Records but the upcoming rapper wasn't impressed with her mother's delivery. She barely got a word in and she wasn't on the same page as her mother was. With all that's been going on with Kiki as Brianna's manager Brianna had to make a tough decision. After talking to Bia about getting new management she decided to fire her mother as her manager. Ouch!

Did Brianna do the right thing letting her mother go as her manager? 
Tamara M. Anderson