MIXTAPE REVIEW: 'The Invitation" Yung Curt

CHI- Featuring the hits "The Struggle" and "Ready" is the newly released mixtape album hosted by DJ Citi titled "The Invitation" from Yung Curt. 

"The Invitation" is the follow-up to Curt's debut mixtape album "Sorry I'm Late".

Curt's latest project consists of 18 tracks with featuring artists Money P, Rambo, Lil Zo, JDot Scarlett and Drizzle who is featured in the song "Respect".

Yung Curt is not one to sleep on. So far he's gotten nearly 1600 views from the album within just two days since it's release. 

For more music from the artist check him out on Soundcloud:

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Tamara M. Anderson