Is Shay Johnson Still Friends With LIl Scrappy?

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It's no secret that before there was Erica Pinkett or Bambi there was Shay Johnson who appeared on "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" as Lil Scrappy's friend. Well, the two eventually became more than friends which caused problems between the two. The question is-is Shay and Scrappy still friends.

According to, Shay and Scrappy are still friends. Shay revealed to the media site that she and the rapper were seeing each other on and off during this past season.

"He still ain't went no where," Shay said.

No matter how many times Scrappy told Shay he loved her he failed to mention he loved Erica D.too. 
He even went as far as proposing to Erica D. in front of Shay during the reunion of season one. Shay did appear on the first two seasons of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" but she was no where in sight on the third season. The former "Charm School" reality star said she didn't want to appear on the show this season because she didn't want to deal with certain drama.

On the past reunion show Bambi called Erica the side chick and Erica called her out on being the side chick. Bambi called Erica the side chick. So, where does Shay fit in all of this?
Tamara M. Anderson