Female Attacked By Keyshia Cole Speaks Out

Photo by Google Images

Last Friday singer Keyshia Cole was arrested for physically attacking a female at Cash Money Records CEO, Birdman place of residence. She was charged with a misdemeanor battery.

According to reports, Cole immediately attacked the woman she found at Birdman's home in LA. The incident occurred around 5:00 in the morning when Cole saw a woman named Sabrina Mercadel coming out of the bathroom. She began to attacked her assuming she was with Birdman who she is currently dating.

The following day the "Let It Go" singer was released on a $46,000 bail.

Recently, Mercadel who works for Cash Money Records spoke out about the incident saying she and Birdman have been friends since childhood. She confirmed that she and the CEO are not romantically involved.

As soon as Cole saw the female coming out of the restroom she asked what was she doing with her man? Cole never saw Sabrina with her man. She just assumed and went on the attack.

Keyshia Cole is one bitter woman. She is mad at her soon to be ex-husband Daniel Gibson and is taking her frustrations out on everybody. The singer has completely lost her mind. She acted off what she thought and look at where it has gotten her.
Tamara M. Anderson