Black Ink Crew Castmates Take Their Beef To The Streets

Photo by Google Images

Wow! On the last season of "Black Ink Crew" we saw Puma and Ceasar make amends. Even Dutchess tried to make peace with some of the ladies on the show. Unfortunately, Puma and Ceas are back enemies again and Dutchess and Quanni will never be friends.

According to reports, a close source reveals that Dutchess and Ceasar were jumped by Puma and Quanni and their crew following a fashion show in NYC. 

One source says based on the video  footage it was Dutchess who was attacked first by a female. Once they started fighting all you see is Ceasar on the ground fighting a couple guys. Puma then runs up with a bottle but didn't hit anyone. However, one of Puma's friends was punched in the face by Ceasar.

Dutchess who was reportedly jumped by Quanni and some of her friends went on a video rant calling out Quanni and those who jumped in. She bragged about how they did all that and she has not one scratch. Her man, Ceasar also bragged about not having no makes.

"No scratches, no bruises. N****s couldn't beat 1 on 1 so they had to jump me," Ceasar said.

Puma also made a comment but not about the fight. Instead, he said he will not give in to social media by discussing any problems he has had with other people!

It's also been said that the cast mates are currently shooting for the next season. Looks like this season will be more about drama between Puma and Quianni and Dutchess and Ceaser rather than focusing on the art of Black Ink!
Tamara M. Anderson